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Luxpoint is the premier Reality Capture company based in the Southeast, providing spatial solutions for building owners, operators, engineers, and architects.

Luxpoint creates the industry’s most accurate and detailed 3D scans and models, allowing customers to make better-informed decisions about their buildings and operations.

Based in the southeast USA with quick access to Charlotte, NC – Rock Hill, SC – Colombia, SC – Atlanta, GA – Savannah, GA – Greensboro, NC – Charleston, SC – Greenville, SC – Raleigh, NC – Durham, NC


As an architect, engineer, or construction professional, laser scanning is an indispensable tool for creating accurate and detailed documentation of buildings. Laser scanning creates precise 3D models of buildings. These models are used to create detailed floor plans, sections, and elevations, as well as visualizations of the building’s exterior and interior.

Laser scanning is used to quickly and accurately measure existing conditions. This is especially useful for renovation projects, where it is essential to accurately capture the existing layout and construction of the building.

Laser scanning can be used to create as-built documentation of a building. This is used to create a record of the building’s construction and can be used for maintenance and BOMA calculations.


Laser scanning is used to document heritage buildings and other structures of cultural significance. The detailed 3D models created using laser scanning allow us to create virtual tours and different interactive experiences, allowing people to learn about and experience these buildings in a new way.


Prefabrication of building components requires highly accurate field measurements. Laser scanning captures all the details of an existing building to ensure prefabrication is done right the first time. Our solutions include gathering field data and automating the prefabrication process to reduce the waste and time needed for installation.